20 plus recipe ideas for Noche Buena

Noche buena is a Spanish word referring to the night of Christmas Eve and celebrated on December 24 every year. For me, Noche Buena is the most exciting time of the Holiday season so I prepare weeks ahead to make sure my family enjoys the meal. It is literally “the Good Night” especially since I always associate Noche buena with good times. This year I will prepare ham, Hot Tsokolate and suman . Nothing too heavy. Before the Noche buena, we take an early dinner so there is appetite later that night.

What do you plan to serve on noche buena? Here are some recipe ideas for noche buena.

noche buena recipes

What do you know? I smell Christmas in the air.

I bet some of you already planned  the menu for your lunch or dinner on Christmas day or even your noche buena. For those that are still planning, here are some recipes that you can plan for your family and friends. Don’t expect fancy recipes but there will be a few so keep tuned.

You can start off with a few of my recipes that I’ve cooked for the past years. Click on the links below for each category

Noche Buena Recipes


Hearty Patatas Riojana
Pancit molo

Drink: Hot tsokolate

Rice dish

Paella, Filipino style
Paella a la Valenciana
Brown arroz caldo with turmeric


Chicken Macaroni Salad
Russian Potato Salad

Pork Dishes

Chinese Ham
Pork Barbecue
Sweet Ham Recipe for Noche Buena
Stuffed rolled Lechon belly

Chicken dishes

Chicken Relleno
How to cook rellenong manok
Max Fried Style Chicken Recipe
Free-range Chicken Galantina Roulade
Lola Virginia’s Chicken Relleno

Beef dishes

Mario’s Callos Madrileña
Beef Morcon
Beef Pochero aka Cocido
Beef Pochero


Pasta Putanesca with gourmet tuyo
Bam-i, Cebuano Pansit

Kakanin (rice cakes)

Suman luya: Suman flavored with ginger
Cassava cake special

Western Cuisine

Cheese Fondue
Chicken Cannelloni



Fruitcake Recipe

The Gingerbread Man Cookies
Christmas Sugar Cookies
Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
Blueberry Cheesecake
Apple Pie
Apple Crisp
Food for the Gods

Filipino Desserts

Buko Fruit Salad
Leche Flan

Buko Pandan

Other Recipes

Korean Beef Stew

Do share your recipe ideas for Noche Buena.