Humba: Braised Pork Hocks

By Lorna Lardizabal DietzSan Francisco Unified Lions Club This recipe was submitted to the Lions Club International by my sister, Lorna Lardizabal Dietz A very popular main dish from Cebu in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines has its owncult following. I’ve taken the influences from Filipino, Chinese, Indian, and American homekitchens to createRead More

Tips in Cooking Adobo

My husband is fond of buying me recipe books or any books about food. One such book is The Adobo Book (Traditional & Jazzed Up Recipes) by Reynaldo Gamboa Alejandro and Nancy Reyes-Lumen. Not only do you get recipes of various authors but trivia and essays on adobo. The Personal Styles reflect the cook’s preferences.Read More

Pancit Molo or Filipino Wonton Soup

Pancit Molo has got to be the most requested soup dish in small gatherings at home. It’s been quite some time since I cooked Pancit Molo as it takes a lot of preparation as you will see below. But it is all worth it after you see the pleased expressions from your family members. PancitRead More