Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) on a rainy day

One of the most popular Filipino breakfast fare is the Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) but it can also be a comfort food during rainy days. The original champorado recipe is made with soft-boiled rice and flavored with Tableas de Cacao which are bitter-sweet chocolate tablets made of freshly roasted chocolate mixed with milk and sugar.Read More

Easy to prepare Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

If you are tired or lazy to cook, there are instant noodles, ready to cook dishes or heat and eat items. The Top ToriKatsu from Bounty Fresh tops my list of the heat and eat yet tasty dish. Top Torikatsu is made of 100% pure chicken breast meat and goes well with rice, bread andRead More

ANCHOR MAPLE: Bringing a New Taste Dimension to Traditional Filipino Dishes

I only use premium ingredients when I bake and my first and only choice  for butter is Anchor. Taste and quality has always been a hallmark of Anchor products so it’s always my only choice be it butter or other dairy products.  Anchor Butter has been around for decades and has been a staple inRead More