Crispy Kangkong or Crispy Spinach

Crispy Spinach or Crispy kangkong is basically an appetizer during parties. Don’t expect to get Vitamin A because they are all lost after the extreme heat. The most you can get are fibers and that urge to munch on something crunchy other than potato chips. So try this out. Ingredients 2 bundles of Kangkong (Read More

Cebu’s Lumpia Ngohiong or Ngoyong

Whenever I go home to my hometown in Cebu, I make it a point to buy Lumpiang Ngohiong. I recently went to Cebu for my 35th High School reunion and the first thing I looked for was the Ngohiong. Well, what is Ngohiong? It looks like kikiam but the taste of ngohiong is excellent. It’sRead More

Bicol Laing – Gabi/Taro Leaves Cooked in Coconut Milk

I never got to appreciate laing until I came here to Manila and got exposed to all sorts of food from the various regions of the Philippines. Dishes cooked with coconut milk is my all time favorite dish. No wonder, laing then became one of my favorite dishes. I loved the hotness and the coconutRead More

U.S. Lentil Soup with Pork Cracklings

I know some of you miss Chicharon or Pork Cracklings. Here is a recipe from Chef Jill Sandique where she featured a soup recipe using lentils and pork cracklings. This recipe is not about pork cracklings though. The US Dry Bean Council (DBC) and USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council (DPLC) wants to change theRead More