Malaysian cuisine recipes: Hainanese Chicken Rice , Singapore Laksa, Nyonya Chicken Soup & Pork Dumpling

The last country I visited was Malaysia. My husband and I really loved the food. Everytime we visited the fastfood area of the mall, it was often crowded. In general, I find the cuisines of Malaysia quite spicy. One can differentiate the Malay cuisine from the Chinese cuisine as the Chinese cuisine will be milderRead More

Bicol Laing – Gabi/Taro Leaves Cooked in Coconut Milk

I never got to appreciate laing until I came here to Manila and got exposed to all sorts of food from the various regions of the Philippines. Dishes cooked with coconut milk is my all time favorite dish. No wonder, laing then became one of my favorite dishes. I loved the hotness and the coconutRead More