Pancit Molo, a Filipino favorite from the Ilonggo kitchen

There is nothing like a hot soup during chilly rainy weather. I like a soup that is a meal in itself. A Filipino favorite from the Ilonggo kitchen is the Pancit Molo which are meat dumplings wrapped in thin wanton wrappers, swimming in a rich chicken broth with shredded chicken and shrimp garnished with friedRead More

‘Cuick’ Clam Chowder

“Anything tastes better with bacon!” How true, I often add bacon to pastas and soups. TV Chef Sharwin Tee shares his Clam Chowder recipe during his cooking demonstration for The Maya Kitchen’s Culinary Elite Series. My family loves Clam Chowder and it is perfect for those cold rainy days. There are so many variants ofRead More

U.S. Lentil Soup with Pork Cracklings

I know some of you miss Chicharon or Pork Cracklings. Here is a recipe from Chef Jill Sandique where she featured a soup recipe using lentils and pork cracklings. This recipe is not about pork cracklings though. The US Dry Bean Council (DBC) and USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council (DPLC) wants to change theRead More