Home cooked meal ideas: Shrimp Puttanesca

Chef Sandy Daza shared his home cooked meals at The Maya Kitchen recently. I already shared the Shepherd’s Pie. This time , let me share Shrimp Putanesca. I am always amused whenever I announce that I am going to cook Pasta Puttanesca. The pasta literally means “whore’s spaghetti” in Italian. It has a distinct spicyRead More

Three Cheese White Lasagna using Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese

I like surprises that just makes me smile especially after a stressful day. Would you believe I got a visit from Graziano Prefetto? He invaded my kitchen a few days ago. Okay so Graziano didn’t actually come in person. He came in a basket of cheeses. Graziano’s specialty are dishes cooked with Perfect Italiano PizzaRead More

Fettucine, fresh homemade Pasta with Classical Tomato and Basil Sauce

Allow me to share traditional Italian cooking from the Maya Kitchen with Chef Roberto Cimmino of Paparazzi of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. Making homemade pasta is quite a challenge but fulfilling. A long time ago, my mom used to make her own homemade pasta dough since we had a pasta roller to cut various sizes. IRead More

Greek recipe: Garides Saganaki Pasta

Taking a break from the usual Pinoy Cuisine and trying out Greek this time. Cyma Greek Taverna Executive Chef Robby Goco demonstrated well loved Greek dishes of salad, appetizer, pasta, porridge and dessert with a generous sprinkling of extra recipes to help the home cook prepare a delightful Mediterranean spread at The Maya Kitchen. TheRead More