Three Cheese White Lasagna using Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese

I like surprises that just makes me smile especially after a stressful day. Would you believe I got a visit from Graziano Prefetto? He invaded my kitchen a few days ago. Okay so Graziano didn’t actually come in person. He came in a basket of cheeses. Graziano’s specialty are dishes cooked with Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese.

I have always used Perfect Italiano mozzarella or parmesan cheese when I dish out Lasagna with béchamel sauce and other pasta dishes. The Prefettos are four brothers who aim to rock everyone’s kitchen with their distinct personalities and eye for perfect cuisine. It never occurred to me Graziano had siblings with their own specialty cheeses.

Aren’t they just cute?

Graziano is the eternal optimist, looking at each day – and indeed, each meal – as a fresh start. Being positive and taking action is my mantra. I use to fret about cooking the best tasting dishes for my family. I learned that cooking does not have to be complicated for every day dishes. With a little help from Graziano of Perfect Italiano, simple dishes can turn out to be exciting and perfect recipes with that Italian flair.

Graziano presented me with four recipes but I felt like cooking “Three Cheese White Lasagna.” Lasagna is always favorite dish in my family but I prepare it with tomato sauce. With the Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese, this brings Lasagna to whole new experience.

Let me share Graziano’s recipe:

Ingredients :

1 pack Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus
3 tablespoon Anchor butter, unsalted
3 ½ cup Anchor fresh milk
1 pack Cream of Mushroom
½ kilo ground beef
Salt and pepper
9 strips of Lasagna noodles ( I used green Lasagna noodles for contrast)

1. Preheat oven to 375 F
2. Saute onion and beef in butter till cooked. Season with salt and pepper . Set Aside.
3. In a saucepan, mix the fresh milk and cream of mushroom soup till thickened. Add ½ cup Pizza Plus and mix well.
4. In a bowl , mix the remaining cheese and beaten egg.
5. Assemble by first spreading ½ cup of the white sauce on the bottom of the baking pan and then placing 3 lasagna noodles to cover the bottom. Pour sauce over noodles and top with cheese and egg mixture. Pour sauce again, then meat mixture and sauce . Add the remaining cheese on top and remaining sauce.
6. Bake for 30 minutes or until top is lightly browned.
7. Serve with parmesan cheese (Optional)

My family loved it.

What makes this White Lasagna so tasty is the three cheeses contained the “Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese” such as the Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan.

You can find more recipes at My Perfect Recipes Facebook page. You will get to meet the other chefs that will be rocking your kitchen with their own distinct personalities and specialties. Primo , the head of the pack cooks with Perfect Italiano Romano Cheeses. Amadore is the youngest and most energetic of the Prefettos specializes with Perfect Italiano Mozarella Cheese. Ilario is Primo’s sous chef and a constant source of humor and levity for the brothers. His Specialty are dishes cooked with Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese.

I know it can be a challenge to think of new recipe ideas but always remember the principles of cooking: simple recipes, good ingredients, a well-run kitchen, and cooking with passion and love.

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