Haleyang Bayabas

Ilustrado, a restaurant that showcases heritage Filipino-Spanish cuisine gave everyone a glimpse of our country’s culinary history when it demonstrated well loved dishes from our heroes’ hometowns at The Maya Kitchen recently. Boni Pimentel, Ilustrado president and his chefs demonstrated many recipes last month including the Laguna inspired Jaleang Bayabas, very ripe guavas peeled andRead More

Refreshing fruit flavored ice pops for summer

What does one do to cool off during the summer. There are many ways like staying in cool places or drinking cool drinks. Taking lots of liquids is important to protect oneself from heat stroke. When my kids were much younger, I would always prepare halo-halo because I wanted to make sure the preparation isRead More

Ube Halaya or Jalea de Ubi

Ube (Purple Yam) Halaya is one of my favorite desserts that I remember with fondness. Mom often prepared Ube Halaya in a pyrex dish. I liked the natural purple color instead of the bright purple color that I often see in commercial ube halaya. The best ube comes from Bohol because of its aromatic fragranceRead More