Mango Sago dessert

Here’s another favorite mango dessert that’s easy to prepare. You can add ice to make a chilly dessert perfect for this warm weather. Ingredients: 1/4 cup small sago pearls 3 to 4 tablespoons sugar 2 cups water 2/3 cups evaporated milk 6 tablespoons coconut cream (optional) 1 cup mango puree 2 mangoes (cubed)

How to make Ice Scramble

It was not long ago when it was safe to buy Ice Scramble from vendors. Those were the days when water was much cleaner, without risk of Hepatitis A infection. These days, once can easily buy Ice Scramble at the Philippine malls but for those who reminisce this good ole street food treat, you canRead More

Buko Fruit Salad

New Year’s Eve media noche must have a fruit salad on the dinner table. The most popular fruit salad is the Buko salad. The popularity of fruits during New Year’s Eve celebration is part of the tradition to bring in good luck, fortune and prosperity. Even before the New Year arrives, my children already wantsRead More

Ifugao Diket Rice Pudding

It is good to know that there are corporations that help in fair trade. Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation started operating as a single proprietorship in September of 1997 supplying branded rice to consumers in the supermarkets. Through the years, the company has grown from a beginning where only nine items were sold in the markets, toRead More

Leche Flan Recipe

The original leche flan recipe was from my Mom but my sister Lorna reconfigured it to fit her tastes. The perfect flan is such that when you slice through it, it barely quivers like jello. There is very little syneresis, that is, no weeping (or lots of holes in it!). I am sharing this preciousRead More