Lent meal ideas- Crabcakes with Aioli Dill Sauce

For most Catholics, the Lent seafood diet is strictly observed. Some kids will find seafood dishes unpalatable so I will be sharing some seafood meal ideas from the Maya Kitchen (where I attend monthly demos) who invited experts from Mida Food Distributors Inc., The Seafood Specialist. They shared their knowledge on the proper way toRead More

Lent dish idea: Poached Salmon with Dijon Cream

Salmon has got to be one of my favorite fish. I usually prepare this quite simply. Steam , poach or pan fry the Salmon Fillet with garlic and then serve with lemon . Mida Food chef Enrique “Rikks” Valles shared another version using Dijon Mustard. My husband just loves anything mustard especially with Beef. SinceRead More