Heritage recipe: Mechado ni Lola Asiang

Every family has their own heritage recipe passed down from generation to generation. The women of the Reyes culinary clan shared some of their heritage recipes at The Maya Kitchen recently. Nancy Reyes Lumen, a well known chef, author and TV personality showed how to cook ‘Mechado’ the Lola Asiang way with tons of overRead More

Heritage recipe: “Nilasheng” na manok sa serbesa

Marian Reyes, a member of the Reyes culinary clan demonstrated at The Maya Kitchen this new dish (‘Nilasheng na Manok sa Serbesa’) that I have never tried before. This is another heritage recipe , a recipe of her grandmother, ‘Ina’ Maria Tancinco. I don’t see any similar-sounding recipe online except for the nilaseng na hipon.Read More