Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore variation)

A Singaporean describes it this way: Part of the whole ritual in eating this dish is smothering your cream-coloured chicken fat laced rice with ribbons of sweet dark soy sauce, chilli sauce and pounded ginger and to mix it all together, matching flavour for flavour. Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of the primary specialties ofRead More

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Malaysian variation)

I got introduced to Hainanese Chicken rice when my daughter’s friend from Malaysia visited the Philippines in 1997. I loved the taste of the delicately poached chicken infused with ginger and rice cooked in chicken stock served with and fresh ginger, chilli sauce, and soya sauce. Since then, I look for Hainanese chicken rice wheneverRead More

Malaysian cuisine recipes: Hainanese Chicken Rice , Singapore Laksa, Nyonya Chicken Soup & Pork Dumpling

The last country I visited was Malaysia. My husband and I really loved the food. Everytime we visited the fastfood area of the mall, it was often crowded. In general, I find the cuisines of Malaysia quite spicy. One can differentiate the Malay cuisine from the Chinese cuisine as the Chinese cuisine will be milderRead More