Sinigang Recipe

Sinigang is a Filipino soup dish with a tamarind base which is well known for its sour taste and the variety of ingredients that you can put in it. The dish often incorporates fish (bangus), pork, shrimp, or beef, along with vegetables like string beans, kangkong, okra, pepper, radish, and kamatis (tomato). Sinigang has alwaysRead More

Majestic Ham

I started craving for Majestic Ham when I read Manolo‘s twitter which said “Happiness is a Majestic Ham”. After reading his twitter, I have been badgering my husband all day to buy Majestic Ham for me. That evening, he brought slices of Majestic Ham to my utter delight. I used the ham slices as fillingRead More

Filipino Breakfast at Mario’s

MARIO’S Quezon City, one of Metro Manila’s most respected restaurants, offers a wide selection of delicious breakfast staples. To further enhance one’s dining experience, Mario’s is now powered with Wi-Fi, granting diners access to information and entertainment online. Visitors can look forward to signature breakfasts like Mario’s Grand Slam, a popular breakfast composed of twoRead More

Kare-Kare at Serye

One of the best tasting kare-kare in town can be eaten at Serye aside from Barrio Fiesta. Right after visiting my son’s grave at Loyola Memorial (in Paranaque), we went to visit Serye located just nearby. I was just expecting to take a snack but my daughter wanted kare-kare.

Ilocano Empanada

The first time I ever ate Ilocano empanada was at the Tiendesitas. The thin crust color is almost bright yellow-orange. The dough used to enclose the filling is thin and crisp, mostly because Ilocano empanada is deep-fried rather than baked. My daughters loved it even if there was some veggies inside the filling. The nextRead More