Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare (oxtail and tripe stew in a peanut-based sauce)

It is quite tempting to cook kare-kare using the ready-made mix at the grocery , but I like cooking from scratch. My first kare-kare dish came from Nora Daza’s recipe book. That’s the only recipe I know. Fortunately, Alessandra Romulo Squillantini, granddaughter of the late statesman Carlos P. Romulo and her husband Enzo Squillantini graciouslyRead More

Healthy Kare Kare (without the Bagoong Alamang)

Let me share a recipe prepared by Lorna Dietz, my sister based in the United States. You might wonder “healthy kare-kare”? Most Pinoy food is greasy and salty which makes it unhealthy. If you have health issues, it cannot be helped that you’d want to indulge with your favorite unhealthy Pinoy dish. My sister decidedRead More


Before the ready-mix Kare-kare came into the market, I cooked kare-kare the old fashioned way. Of course, busy homemakers prefer that method. Wikipedia notes that the kare-kare is made from Oxtail, with the skin on and cut into 2-inch lengths, and ox tripe are boiled until tender. Sometimes pieces of ox feet or shins areRead More

Kare-Kare at Serye

One of the best tasting kare-kare in town can be eaten at Serye aside from Barrio Fiesta. Right after visiting my son’s grave at Loyola Memorial (in Paranaque), we went to visit Serye located just nearby. I was just expecting to take a snack but my daughter wanted kare-kare.