Nonya Bak Chang: Singapore-Style Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings & Babi Asam: Spicy Pork in Tamarind Sauce

It was honor to observe a cooking demo from Violet Oon, dubbed as Singapore Food Ambassador. She is one of Singapore’s leading food gurus and is known as much for her cooking as for her opinions on food. She is considered one of the leading authorities on Asian cuisine with a particular emphasis on PeranakanRead More

Sinigang Recipe

Sinigang is a Filipino soup dish with a tamarind base which is well known for its sour taste and the variety of ingredients that you can put in it. The dish often incorporates fish (bangus), pork, shrimp, or beef, along with vegetables like string beans, kangkong, okra, pepper, radish, and kamatis (tomato). Sinigang has alwaysRead More

The No-Cucumber Kani Salad

During a rare moment of domesticity, I offered to make kani (crab stick) salad for dinner today. I was inspired by a rather expensive kani salad I had at a Japanese restaurant at Eastwood whose name escapes me now. The kani salad I ordered was incredibly disappointing – not only was there hardly any kani;Read More