Chocolate Candy for Fun and Profit : Chocolate coated apples, Choco crunchies

Before the onset of the internet, I used to make Chocolate creations during special occasions. I enrolled back then at Chocolate Lovers in the early nineties. Selling chocolates is quite profitable especially during the holidays. “Chocolate Lover” produced a lot of micro-entreprenuers among homemaker . Unfortunately, I don’t make chocolate creations now that my childrenRead More

Chocolate Crinkles Using Tsokolate Tablea

I associate Chocolate Crinkles with Christmas gift giving. These cookies have an attractive light and dark contrast perfect for an interesting addition to a cookie tray or for serving by themselves, any time of year! This year, I decided to bake Chocolate Crinkles with our native tsokalate , the tablea (Chocolate Tablets). Growing up inRead More