Tsokolate puto bumbong

There is so much to cook this holiday season. Another favorite Pinoy delicacy is the Puto Bumbong. It is traditionally prepared from Pirurutong, a glutinous rice that is with a distinct purpose color which is then soaked in salted water and dried overnight, and then poured into bamboo tubes (bumbong) and then steamed until done. It is then served topped with butter or margarine and shredded coconut mixed with sugar. I once saw a similar delicacy in a Malaysia food fest. Instead of purple rice, they used plain white glutinous rice. When Maya kitchen shared me the recipe of Tsokolate puto bumbong, I was delighted. Who says puto bumbong has to be colored purple?

What an innovation! It is easy to prepare too.

Check it out:

tsokolate puto bumbong

banana leaves, as needed

1 pack MAYA Champorado Chocolate Rice Porridge Mix 113.5g

2 tablespoons uncooked rice

sugar, as needed

melted butter, as needed

freshly shredded coconut, as needed

1. Pass the banana leaves over medium flame until wilted to make them more pliable.

2. Open the pouch of champorado mix and sift to separate malagkit rice from the cocoa powder.

3. In a bowl, combine malagkit rice from the champorado mix and uncooked rice and soak in 1?4 cup water overnight. After soaking overnight, drain. Make sure to set aside the water.

4. Put rice in a food processor with 1-2 tablespoons drained water. Pulse until ground finely. Add the cocoa powder and mix well. Shape into logs and wrap in banana leaves brushed with melted butter. Steam for 10-15 minutes. Brush with more melted butter once cooked. Serve with shredded coconut and sugar while still hot.

NOTE: White sugar, brown sugar or muscovado may be used.

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