Noche Buena Dish: Majestic Chinese Ham

Noche Buena is never complete without the traditional chinese Ham. I always choose Majestic Ham because it isn’t too salty for me. The secret to their moist, mouthwatering ham products is in their curing process. Their hams are cured in oak barrels, aged for full flavor, and seasoned with select spices before being cooked toRead More

Noche Buena- Season’s Greetings From Pinoy Food Blog

To all the 1600 plus readers and subscribers of Pinoy Food Blog, I am grateful for your visit. I hope you have somehow gotten a few tips from my family’s Food Blog. I am amazed at the growth of this blog and at first I wasn’t that diligent in updating this blog. However, when IRead More

Order Traditional Noche Buena Filipino Dishes

You suddenly find that your holiday dishes are not enough for your guests. What do you do? Cooking can be stressful especially if one is faced with a lot of visitors. The thing to do is to order your Holiday dishes from reliable restaurants. Here are a few ideas of traditional Noche Buena dishes fromRead More