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Suman Luya (Suman Flavored with Ginger)

Dec 29

These days, traditional suman has moved on to many flavors. I still stick to my childhood memories of Suman Luya dating back to Christmas Eve. My mom would cook the sticky rice in a big kawali in the dirty kitchen. Suman Luya is extremely smooth tasting with the right amount of sweetness. It’s perfect for hot chocolate drink during the noche buena or for New Year’s Eve. The taste in itself reminds me of Christmas in Cebu.

Here is the recipe of Suman Luya (Suman Flavored with Ginger) or you can buy Suman Luya from this entry Where to Buy Suman in Manila


1 ganta malagkit (equivalent to 2.25 kgs glutinous rice)
8 coconuts
1 tablespoon salt
2 cups white sugar
4 Banana Leaves
4 Tablespoons Ginger, chopped


1. Wash malagkit.

2. Squeeze the grated coconut to get the milk, add salt.

3. Boil all together (malagkit, ginger, coconut cream, sugar) till almost cooked in the carajay.

4. Remove from fire.

5. Wrap 1 1/2 tablespoon of cooked Malagkit in banana leaves tying the two ends. . Keep each suman 1.25 cm thick, 4 cm wide and 12.5 cm long.

6. Arrange on steamer rack in a staggered pile. Steam for 30 minutes. Keep the steamer well-supplied with water to prevent drying out.

7. Serve with Hot Tsokolate

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (390 Posts)

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  1. you’re a lifesaver! i came to Korea craving this particular food, because my grandmother loves doing this every family holidays (which happens quite often)…

    ugh i can’t wait to go to the supermarket, although i’m planning to tweak it a bit… brown sugar instead of white.. =) the way my grandmother does…
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Writing Comes with a Stroke of Inspiration. =-.

  2. wylma /

    my mom comes from cebu also but we live in mindanao. she also cook suman like what your mom do.

    thanks for this site

  3. Hello, thanks so much for this recipe. May I know what would be the equivalent amount of canned coconutes for the 8 coconuts the recipe calls for? Thanks so much



  5. vicky /

    This suman is really good! My mom, came from Tacloban, Leyte. She this but in a manner just like cooking steamed rice or “sinaing and call it “puto maya” the burned bottom taste great

  6. what is the equivalent amount of canned coconuts for the 8 coconuts and how many cups to 2.25 kg of rice. thanks susan

  7. Before I read all the comments,first come in my mind is thesame question you guys had ):

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