Mango Cream Pie

I think you will agree with me that our Carabao Mango is one of the tastiest fruits we have. Mangoes happen to be my favorite fruit that I often experiment recipes that contain mangoes. An example of which is the Mango Banana Shortcake.

mango_cream_pie.jpgI first came across this mango pie recipe when my neighbor gave it to me as a gift. The taste is just divine. What makes it even more divine is that my neighbor’s name is Divine. One doesn’t need a mixer for this recipe. A good old food blender will do.


pie crust

3 cups and 2 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour
1 bar butter ( a bar is equivalent to 225 grams)
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup + 2 Tablespoon sugar

1. Mix and knead. Set aside 1/3 cup for topping and place in a separate baking pan

2. Form unto pyrex pie plate.
pie crust

3. Bake both pie plate and the toppings until brown. Set aside until cool. Crush the topping into crumbs.


4 pieces large mangoes, Carabao variety (make sure it’s not too ripe)

1. Peel and slice mangoes thinly.
2. Arrange over cold crust.



1 cup whipping Cream (all purpose)
1 can Evaporated milk, large can
3/4 cup sugar
4 tablespoons unflavored ROYAL Gelatin

A- Whip cream, evaporated milk and sugar

B- Dissolve gelatin into 1/2 cup water then boiled and strained

C- Add dissolved gelatin immediately (the gelatin solidifies right away) into Mixture A and beat

1. Pour Mixture C to crust and mangoes.

2. Refrigerate
mango cream pie

3. Powder extra crust and sprinkle or spread over cold pie.

mango cream pie

Yield: 2 pie plates

I tell you this mango pie is just a best-seller.

mango pie

24 thoughts on “Mango Cream Pie

  1. Phoebe

    I’ll try your recipe soon, Noemi! It’s almost summer time and mangoes are incredibly cheap this time of the year (read: can afford to buy and buy should I make mistakes LOL) 🙂

  2. ampie

    yummy… i should try making this pie soon… tnx

  3. krizann

    hi! i was wondering about the bar of butter used in this one? is it the large or the smaller one? what brand do you prefer? thanks for sharing you wonderful recipes!

    hope you can email me regarding this. thanks!

  4. mike

    looks absolutely mouthwatering

    mikes last blog post..Cebu Food Chronicles – Little Nonki

  5. Ann C.

    Hi! How much exactly do you mean when you say 1 bar butter? is that 1 lbs of butter? or 1 stick that is a quarter pound?

    Thank you…

  6. noemi

    I buy the butter in the grocery packed as 225 grams

  7. theresa lim

    what butter did you use po? is it salted or unsalted? thanks!

  8. noemi

    I use salted but I think unsalted butter will do.

  9. theresa lim

    thanks! will try this one. love ur recipes. tries the choco chip cookies na. and my family love it talaga. thanks! more recipes to come. God bless..

  10. coleen

    hi, wla kasing mangga didto, pwede ba yan sa pineapple pie..tnx..ang sarap naman nimo

  11. zac

    this recipe is a wonderful creation. it is almost just like my mango pie without the mango sauce. I want you to try my sauce with this pie and you’ll see the difference.

    Here is how I make my mango sauce, boil the flesh of a ripe carabao mango into 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup white sugar. simmer for 10 minutes. let it cool then put put into blender for 15 seconds. Make a rue, in a pan, cook 1 tbsp butter then add 1 tbspn APF, count 40 then add the mango sauce. you can try adding nutmeg, or in my part, I put ginger and mango liquour. Have it thicken. Fold the sauce in the cream mixture.

    This is very sinful and divine. try it =))

  12. ronaldo

    What I would like to know are: 1. When baking the pie crust, what temperature did you use and for how long? 2. One large can of evaporated milk is how many ounces?

    thank you so much! I will be trying this one when I hear a response. Cheers.

  13. cherrey

    what happens if mixture A is poured along with B?
    does it mix well for the mixing in C?
    I’d like to try this, but im not sure if it works with just a microwave oven..
    have you tried just the regular mango which often see ripe? why do you think it’s better to be not too ripe?

  14. Ting Doroja

    Hi! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I would love to try it myself, it will be perfect for Easter.

    I agree with you, it is fun to experiment on recipes with mangoes.

    As I wanted to keep the kids busy during summer and would love to share with them my love for cooking. I think cooking with the little one would be fun. Can you suggest a recipe that is safe for kids to prepare?

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Ting Doroja

    Thank you for sharing the recipe, I would love to try it myself and it will be perfect for Easter.

    Summer is fast approaching and I am thinking of some cooking activities that will the kids busy. Can you suggest a recipe that is safe for the kids to prepare? Would really appreciate your help!

    Thanks in advance and good luck! (Ting Doroja, QC)

  16. liezen manaligod

    yes i like your recipe, but i’m afraid you didn’t mention how long would we bake the crust and the temperature? pls. reply ASAP so that i can try it right away, thanks and more power!!!!

  17. jun

    pie with mango flavor looks appetizing… nice recipe..

  18. jun

    i love pie mango so much…. mango looks appetizing and that really good taste

  19. jun

    i love mango pie so much and that is perfect for summer vacation… especially family outing….

  20. foodie blog

    i haven’t tried making pie desserts but it looks enticing.

  21. [email protected]

    that’s a lot of mangoes there! yuuum!

  22. Isabel

    I tried your leche flan, puto with aniseed, mango cream pie. They were good, thank you! I’ll definitely try the other recipes! Happy Easter! 🙂

  23. angela

    it’s not the one i’m finding i’m finding mango cream pie made of broas.

  24. angela

    i should cook this on my birthday on september 30 2011!

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