Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare (oxtail and tripe stew in a peanut-based sauce)

It is quite tempting to cook kare-kare using the ready-made mix at the grocery , but I like cooking from scratch. My first kare-kare dish came from Nora Daza’s recipe book. That’s the only recipe I know. Fortunately, Alessandra Romulo Squillantini, granddaughter of the late statesman Carlos P. Romulo and her husband Enzo Squillantini graciouslyRead More

Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

Something to cook for Valentine’s day. My husband’s favorite pasta dish has got to be lasagna. Whenever we have guests, he makes this special request and I tell him that it gets to be boring. Well, I think lasagna is an all-time favorite for most pinoys. Lasagna involves three steps: The tomato meat sauce, boilingRead More

Beef Mechado Recipe

I already posted a Beef Mechado recipe but that version used vinegar. The one featured here will use calamansi. It was supposed to have no tomato too. There are other versions of mechado that doesn’t use tomato but I prefer my mechado to have tomato. I just like my beef to have that tomato goodnessRead More

Lengua Estofada (Braised Beef Tongue)

The doctor turned chef Efren ‘Boy’ Vazquez of Cafe Juanita showed off his culinary skills by doing a traditional Filipino holiday feast at the Maya Kitchen. One well-loved traditional dish is the Lengua Estofada or Braised Beef Tongue. I remember this dish fondly because my mestiza auntie always served this during the Christmas Season. TheRead More