Leche Flan Recipe

leche flan

The original leche flan recipe was from my Mom but my sister Lorna reconfigured it to fit her tastes.

The perfect flan is such that when you slice through it, it barely quivers like jello. There is very little syneresis, that is, no weeping (or lots of holes in it!). I am sharing this precious recipe so you may prepare it for your family.

5 eggyolks
2 eggs
1 can condensed milk
1 can water (use the condensed milk’s can for measuring)
1 tbsp. vanilla to add to the mixture
1/4 cup to 1/3 cup sugar for caramelization

  • Get a pyrex loaf dish (or equivalent oval, square, or round dish).
  • Caramelize 1/3 cup sugar in it. Use your oven. When the sugar is starting to melt, make sure that you watch carefully. You don’t want the caramel to be too dark or it will taste burnt. Manipulate the dish until you are sure that the caramel is evenly placed on the bottom of the pan. Let the pan rest on the stove top.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are the cooking times:

For the first 45 minutes: 325 degrees Fahrenheit
For the next 20 to 25 minutes, until the toothpick test shows that the flan is done: 350 degrees Fahrenheit


1. Separate 5 eggyolks when the eggs are cold. It’s easier to get the whites and the yolks separated. Set the whites aside to use for Flan de Huevos Blancos or Angel Cake.

2. In a mixing bowl, mix the eggyolks, eggs, condensed milk, water, and vanilla until well-blended. Set aside for a few minutes so that the mixture reaches room temperature. Do not beat up the mixture to form bubbles. Just try to make sure that the eggwhites are blended in.

3. While waiting for the mixture to reach room temperature, prepare your baine marie (bano maria).

Get a rectangular roasting pan that is slightly taller than the baking pan that you are using for your flan. Put this roasting pan inside your pre-heated oven. Add water to the pan, about mid-way. Be careful that you don’t splash water around as you heat this pan of water.

4. Get a small rounded double-meshed metal strainer, as finely-meshed as you can find them (similar to the strainer that comes with a wok). This is the secret of the recipe.

5. Get a bowl and put the strainer over it. Spoon (with a 1/4 cup measuring cup) the mixture over the metal strainer. With a rubber scraper, smoothen any eggwhites through the strainer. Using a wooden spoon (or other mixing spoon), blend the smooth mixture.

6. When you have finishing straining the mixture, blend the muixture with your wooden spoon one last time. Try not to produce any bubbles while doing this.

7. Pour the mixture on your prepared caramelized pan. It should have a thick, liquid “feel” to it.

8. Open your oven and pull out the rack with the roasting pan (that has hot water on it).

Position the Leche Flan’s pan into the center of the roasting pan.

9. Bend a little and check the height of the water around the Leche Flan’s pan. You might need to add more water (using your measuring cup) so that the water outside the pan reaches the height of the leche flan. This is the secret to having very little syneresis (or “weeping”).

10. Remember:

For the first 45 minutes: 325 degrees Fahrenheit
For the next 20 to 25 minutes, until the toothpick test shows that the flan is done: 350 degrees Fahrenheit

11. When you take out the cooked Leche Flan from the baine marie, be careful not to splash water around. Set the pan on top of the stove or counter to cool down.

12. Taking the Leche Flan out of its pan:

Many a Leche Flan is destroyed by the baker not knowing how to take it out of its pan.

Refrigerate the cooled-down leche flan until you’re ready to unmold it.

Unmolding the Leche Flan: Run a straight-edged (non-serrated) knife on the sides of the Leche Flan. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the Leche Flan and press down ever-so-gently on the surface of the flan. Let the caramel from the bottom of the pan run through the sides of the pan. Get a pan of hot water and let the leche flan’s pan rest gently on this water bath for a few minutes. The rest of the mixture is cold and only the bottom is hot. This is done so that the unmolding is faster — and smoother. Take out the plastic wrap. Take your serving platter and place over the Leche Flan. Invert the mixture in one quick move.

13. You can garnish the Leche Flan with some macapuno strings or langka strips (preserved jackfruit) if you like.

Hoping you all are successful in making Leche Flan.

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  2. JMom

    This just reminded me that I haven’t made leche flan in a long time. I think it’s about time to make another one ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. thea

    yum! thanks for sharing your family’s leche flan recipe. suits our tastes the best. my family can’t stop craving for more.

  4. vanessa


    Have a nice the pls send me all break fast menu for filipino food.

    im waiting

    thank you very much


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  7. faye

    as i have known leche flan is cook by a steamer, just wanna know if the same pa ba gihapon ang procedure kong steamer akong gamiton?…tnx

  8. noemi

    pareho procedure gihapon.

  9. Yvon Thea

    I also cook leche plan in a steamer.

    Yvon Theas last blog post..HOW TO MAKE A BUDGET

  10. Dexie

    like JMom, i haven’t made leche flan in a while. i think i’ll make it this Christmas with my apple pie ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Maria

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I made it last night and was so good. My six year old wants me to make some more. I am making another one tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. AiDiSan

    i tried making leche flan last christmas and it was not 100% successful. i’ll try your recipe and hopefully this time it will be something i can brag and sell to friends. i’ll update you after trying it.

    thanks and have a great week ahead.

    AiDiSans last blog post..A different gift on Vday!

  13. fritz

    Ano daw?

  14. mae

    hi, i don’t have oven but i want to try your recipe using steamer, how do i go about the steaming process, to achieve the same texture? thanks!

  15. annabell

    thnks a lot!
    now i know how to do it!
    uuummmmhh…. LAV IT!

  16. riza

    hi noemi,
    been away home for sometime now.
    missing all filipino dishes that i love since childhood.
    i remember my mom’s leche flan during christmas holidays.
    di kumpleto ang pasko pag wala desserts.
    by the way, its my youngest bday today and decided to cook her fave desserts aside from icecream (hehehe)
    been busy baking since last night, done 2batch of cakes.
    suddenly forgotten the ratio of eggs-condensed-evap.
    so i google and found your foodblog.
    leche flan cooked in 70mins (tried oven for the first time, been cooking this thru steamer)
    everybody loves it (caught the celebrant with a BIG GRIN)
    thank you.
    will visit your blog soon.
    will try crispy dinuguan (my fave) and beef tapa (my hubby’s fave)
    all the best and more recipes to come…
    hep hep hooorrrayyyy…

  17. gfx83

    wow such a great recipe! my mother-in-law (she’s filipino) makes this and ever since the first time I tried it I was in love with it! she always makes this for special occasions, and makes me a very big one for my birthday each year hehe. well…I didn’t wanna shake her down for the recipe so I used this one and it’s very close! Now I can have leche flan everyday and get so fat haha thanks very much for sharing!

  18. Rocky Garcia

    Hello there! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing Leche Plan recipe. I’ve been searching for this for a long time to cook the perfect leche plan!

    I think I’ll be using your recipe this coming Christmas for making Leche plan. I’m sure that the kids will love this one.

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  20. chuwie

    hi.. mouth watering haha.. thanks for sharing your family recipe…great blog..i lav it..
    .-= chuwie´s last blog ..Excited for Cristmas? =-.

  21. Eman

    Hi noimi. I am pinoy too who was really amaze with your lecheflan’s secrets. I havent try it yet hehehe because i’ve just read it but it was really fantastic and it sounds so perfect. I am working here in RUSSIA, and i am proud to tell you that i will do my best to fallow what you’ve done and i will let my BOSSES taste this amazing recipe of yours. Thank you and I will be waiting for your additional posting of recipe’s…

  22. Runway2Reality

    Ms. Noemi, thanks for sharing this. Am enjoying now my leche flan. I used a steamer. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Runway2Reality´s last blog ..Valerie Steele: The Fashion Professor =-.

  23. melissa cantiveros

    thank you very much for this recipe because jason will really love this if he taste it!


  24. k

    hello, tried this recipe yesterday. my parent’s loved it but i didn’t personally liked it. it wasn’t sweet enough for me. thanks for sharing.

  25. blvdgirl

    Hi, so the trick for no bubble pockets in making leche flan is not to whip the mixture too much?

    Its weird cos when we make leche flan at home, my dad would always remind my mom to make it with bubbles in it. He doesn’t like it so dense and creamy. But the trick my mom does is not to beat it so much.

  26. rea

    I’m getting confused. Some people just use evap and this one says condensed milk. Ano ba talaga?

  27. estre

    mas masarap po tlga kung condense milk khit may iba n gumagamit ng evap

  28. estre

    mas masarap po ang condense pero may iba n evap ang gamit

  29. antonette

    nagluluto rin naman ako ng leche flan pero hindi ganyan tradional ng family ang recipe namin my mom and my dad was the one’s who started it tapos naipasa sa aming magkapatid and kahit kelan di kami gumamit ng tubig na halo sa leche flan condensed and evap milk lang at pula ng itlog walang kahalong puti subukan nyo at siguradong mas masarap iyon. kung maiishare ko lang dito ung buong recipe ginawa ko na.

  30. anne

    pnu po kng wlng oven

  31. Sitsong

    paano kung walang evap milk! ok lng ba?

  32. Mary

    I am interested in recipes that are the best, I will start here. Thank you..!!!!

  33. Karen

    Ilang lanera ang magagawa sa given recipe?

  34. Nonoy

    One of my favorite deserts. Thank you for this recipe.I will have my mom or my GF read this cuz I don’t know how to make deserts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. ronald

    i been cooked leche flan last december and it was perfectly done!!so yummy!!

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  38. carmele

    hi tnx for the recipe…i really love leche flan my mama used to make it for us…now I want my mama taste the one that i made it…
    and I think its lucrative to go in business!!!
    thank u!!!

  39. mariannena

    yum! i haven’t cooked it for a long time. Maybe i’ll do it again this Christmas. Thanks!

  40. mhel

    hi. ano cause ng tiny holes s cooked leche flan? matagal ko na din ipinagluluto ang hubby ko kasi favorite dessert niya ang leche flan, kaya lng di ko pa din ma-perfect. Minsan ok, pero minsan, ako mismo ang di satisfied sa niluto ko.

    Sana you can give me some tips. Thanks.

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    Thank you for every other wonderful post. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  42. nancy

    Just tried baking yesterday the leche flan…. Twas really yummy < Due to my husbands demand i made again today. Thanks for the recipe

  43. Nora Yasay

    The BEST Leche Flan ever!! And very easy to make. Thank you Miss Noemi!

  44. noemi

    glad you loved it.

  45. Katrina

    I’ve been looking for a recipe that makes a super creamy and dense leche flan. Like NY cheesecake dense. I don’t like the light, jell-o types of flan. Is this one supposed to be very dense?

  46. jhoepoli

    Thanks a lot it’s my favorite I’ll try it at home

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