Noche Buena and Holiday Cooking Ideas


That’s me and my family in last year’s Christmas Eve Noche Buena. I am sure a lot of you are planning your noche buena dishes for Christmas and New Year. That’s why you are here. I have my black book of recipes that serve as my recipe resources. I like to do a lot of preparation just before the actual cooking so I don’t get stressed out. Here are a few recipes that I have cooked in the past. Some don’t have photos yet because years ago, I didn’t think I’d put them in a food blog. This page will be updated often so bookmark this page for the rest of December.

There are Holiday Cooking Ideas and recipes and also places to buy if you don’t want to bother cooking or baking:

  • Noche Buena Recipes
    1. Pochero
      Chinese Ham
      Chicken Relleno
      Max Fried Style Chicken Recipe
      Chicken Cannelloni
      Pork Barbecue
      Cheese Fondue
      Bam-i, Cebuano Pansit

  • Christmas Recipes
  • Baking

      Fruitcake Recipe
      The Gingerbread Man Cookies
      Christmas Sugar Cookies
      Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Blueberry Cheesecake
      Apple Pie
      Food for the Gods

      Filipino Desserts

      Buko Fruit Salad
      Buko Pandan

    Order Holiday Food or Noche Buena Dishes

      Majestic Ham
      Cochinillo, Roast Suckling Piglet
      Roast Turkey
      Pancit Lucban
      Lechon Paella
      Embutido, Chicken Relleno, Chicken Galantina, Pastel de Lengua, Paella Valenciana

      Filipino Delicacies

      Dolor’s Kakanin
      Kakanin: Rice Cakes, Puto
      Puto Bumbong at Taste Asia
      Puto Bumbong at Via Mare

      Low sugar/Low Fat/ Low Carb Desserts

      Sugar Not

    More to Follow…bookmark this page

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Here are a few Philippine Christmas songs for your noche buena.

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