Castañas, Castanas, Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts
When roasted chestnuts (Castañas, castanas) appear along the sidewalks in Divisoria, Manila, that means Christmas season is in the air. Only that Jack Frost is NOT nipping at my nose. Eating roasted chestnuts bring back the memories of my childhood when dad used to buy a kilo of it every December. Munching on the starchy, crumbly texture and distinct sweet smell and buttery sweet taste is such a comfort. No wonder I look for it every Christmas season especially dad is not around to buy for me anymore.

roasted chestnut

This site shows the technique on roasting chestnuts but I’d rather buy it from sidewalk vendors to spare me the trouble.

The Roasted Chestnuts cost 90 pesos per 500 grams

Sweet nutty taste.

A kilo of roasted chestnut in Divisoria costs 180 pesos a kilo.

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