Lengua Estofada (Braised Beef Tongue)

The doctor turned chef Efren ‘Boy’ Vazquez of Cafe Juanita showed off his culinary skills by doing a traditional Filipino holiday feast at the Maya Kitchen. One well-loved traditional dish is the Lengua Estofada or Braised Beef Tongue. I remember this dish fondly because my mestiza auntie always served this during the Christmas Season. The dish is of Hispanic origin which was later adapted for the Filipino taste. Try out this recipe.


2 kilos Ox tongue

¼ cup Seasoning
1/3 cup Calamansi

1 can Tomato sauce
1 Onion, sliced
150 grams carrots, sliced
20 grams garlic
20 grams celery
1 cube Beef seasoning
½ tsp black peppercorn
¼ can tomato paste

5 grams chopped garlic
10 grams chopped onion
1 TBSP Tomato sauce/ Mother sauce
1 TBSP olive oil
Green Olives
Black Olives


1. Prepare ox tongue.

2. Marinate ox tongue overnight in Ingredients SET A, then fry to brown the surface.

3. Boil the Ox tongue in its marinade (SET A) and add water to cover the surface of the meat.

4. Add the ingredients in SET B. Boil until meat is tender. Let it cool and slice the meat.

5. Saute the sliced, cooked ox tongue in ingredients SET C.

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