Tropical pineapple filled Turon

You are all familiar with turón de banana , also known as lumpiyang saging (Tagalog, banana lumpia) as one of the favorite Filipino snacks. This type of turon is made of thinly sliced saba or Cardaba bananas with a slice of jackfruit and finally dusted with brown sugar then rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried. There are may ways to prepare turon. Try this pineapple filled turon that you can serve with calamansi sherbet and lemon sauce. This recipe was shared by Alessandra Romulo Squillantini, granddaughter of the late statesman Carlos P. Romulo and her husband Enzo Squillantini at a recent Maya Kitchen demo

Tropical Turon1

Try it. The taste of the lemon sauce on the crunchy pineapple filled turon is just heavenly. Not to mention how the ice cream complements the freshly fried turon.

1 kilo fresh pineapple, chopped
250 grams brown sugar
50 grams cinnamon powder
10 pieces lumpia wrapper
75 grams butter
250 grams lemon juice
125 grams honey
125 grams MAYA All-Purpose Flour
250 ml oil, for frying

1. In a sauce pan, combine pineapple and brown sugar and simmer until the pineapple is cooked.

2. Add cinnamon powder to this and let the mixture cool down.

3. Cut each lumpia wrapper into 2 equal pieces.

4. Put 1 tablespoon of pineapple mixture at the center of one wrapper and fold to form a triangle.

5. Heat oil in a saucepan. Fry the turon until golden brown.

6. In another saucepan, combine butter, lemon juice, honey and flour to make lemon sauce. Serve with turon.

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