Buying Kakanin

I’m always on the lookout for yummy kakanin that the stall owner actually owns. In most kakanin stands in the malls or the supermarkets, the supply of kakanin is actually bought wholesale. Over at the Shopwise supermarket along the E. Rodriguez (C-5) avenue, I found the “Only N D Phils” kakanin stall by the basement.Read More

Kakaning Pinoy

By popular demand, I am featuring another kakanin stand which I dropped by at the second floor of the SM Las Pinas branch. This Kakaning Pinoy stand is more organized than other kakanin stands I have seen . Each kakanin or rice cake delicacy is labelled with their respective prices. I noticed though that theRead More

Kakanin Stand in Malls

Go to any mall , shopping places, or grocery in Metro Manila and chances are you will always find a kakanin stand like the one above. For as low as 10 pesos a piece, there are choices of biko, puto, kutsinta, suman , sapin-sapin and other Filipino delicacies. The kakanin stand owners don’t necessarily makeRead More

Vietnamese Sapin-sapin

Vietnam has its own version of sapin-sapin . Just like our local sapin-sapin, it is soft like jelly but the green gel layer smells and tastes of that divine pandan flavor. The yellowish layer tastes like “sweet potato”. We got to buy the vietnamese sapin-sapin at the Salcedo Saturday Market for 50 pesos for aRead More