Kakaning Pinoy

By popular demand, I am featuring another kakanin stand which I dropped by at the second floor of the SM Las Pinas branch.

This Kakaning Pinoy stand is more organized than other kakanin stands I have seen . Each kakanin or rice cake delicacy is labelled with their respective prices. I noticed though that the kakanin is priced 1 peso more than the more informal kakanin stand.

I got myself the “biko” priced at 13 pesos.
Actuallly I wanted to get a piece of each but it’s just too much carbs for me. While taking this last photo, the lady guard chastised me for taking photos.

“What?! I am NOT allowed to take photos of the food I just bought?”

I must have sounded very bitchy because the lady guard left without saying a word.

Other kakanin and native rice cakes that can be bought in the Kakaning Pinoy are

Puto, Pichi Pichi, (all priced at 6 pesos each)
Palitaw, Kutsinta ( priced at 9 pesos)
Bibingka, Pinipig, Maja, Rice Pudding, Biko, Sapin-Sapin (all priced at 13 pesos each)

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