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kakaninI’m always on the lookout for yummy kakanin that the stall owner actually owns. In most kakanin stands in the malls or the supermarkets, the supply of kakanin is actually bought wholesale. Over at the Shopwise supermarket along the E. Rodriguez (C-5) avenue, I found the “Only N D Phils” kakanin stall by the basement. Just looking at the display gave me an idea that this particular kakanin stall made their own kakanin

First of all, the bilao is not large. Secondly. the top filling is thicker and not dry. I asked the owner if she made the kakanin herself. Yes, her production center is located in Bulacan. I wanted to taste a piece and decided on the Cassava cake.


At 20 pesos a piece,it’s double the price of most kakanin found in malls. And just take a look.

In terms of appearance, you can imagine the delectable taste you will experience. I was not wrong. The cassava cake was super tender and tasty. Truly a home-made delicacy that doesn’t taste commercialized.

“Only N d Phils” has other delicious products which I plan to buy and sample like the:

The sapin-sapin

The sapin-sapin is a filipino delicacy that I only experienced when I arrived in Manila in the mid seventies. The famous Sapin-Sapin originated from the northern part of the Philippines, the province of Abra so it’s no wonder I didn’t get to taste much of it in Cebu.

Watch out for future updates when I sample most of these [tag]kakanin[/tag]. In the meantime, View other mouth-watering Kakanin photos

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