Cassava Cake Recipe for US-based Filipinos

My friend from the USA sent me this recipe on how she makes cassava cake. When I saw that she used frozen cassava, I was surprised. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a Filipino grocery in the states. I am sure a lot of Filipinos can still come up with our native delicacies as long as the Filipino stores carry these ingredients. So here is her recipe:

2 packs frozen cassava

2 packs frozen buko

2 eggs

2 cups sugar 2 cans (16 0z) coconut milk

1 tablespoon vanilla

1/4 cup melted butter


1. Mix them together and bake it in a gressed pan/pyrex for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

2. Remove the pyrex after an hour so you can put the topping.(see below)

1 can condensed milk
1 bottle of string macapuno.

Mix together and put on top of cassava, then bake again until topping is brown. Maybe 30 or 45 mins.


5 thoughts on “Cassava Cake Recipe for US-based Filipinos

  1. lorna

    your recipe is a midway between theconsistency of pitsi pitsi and a cassava cake dessert. Sure it will taste good but I think it is too sweet if you use ready made macapuno an condensed milk. I recommend using condensed milk and cream of coconut milk or wash some of the sugar from the bottled macapuno and drai well then resume your recipe. I happen to love cassava cakes and bake them the pampango way. thanks.

  2. tin tin

    hi I always visit your site everyday so adicting talaga just looking for differnt recipes and looking for ideas on what to cook I’m newly wed and also new in USA and learning how to cook you really help me a lot in my cooking. last week i baked cassava cake it turn out to be good minus macapuno i just subtituted it w/ young buko which i purchansed in a filipino store here in NJ kasi i find it very sweet if i will use macapuno and condensed milk anyway i really love it

  3. vicky

    looks like delicious.. but may i please know how many cups or grams each pack of grated cassava to use?…cassava are always available so instead of using frozen, i will try freshly grated.. i wonder how heavy each pack.. i need you help.. Many thanks.. & God bless.. Thanks a lot too for sharing your recipes

  4. Lynn

    thank u so much for the recipe. it’s my first time to bake, at last i’ve overcomed my fear of the oven ūüôā came out perfect! i just had to add more time than instructed after i put the topping coz it didnt turn brown right away… maybe bcoz i didnt put much condensed milk coz i’m not a sweet tooth. @lorna i did the same w the macapuno i rinsed and drained just as i do when i prepare my buko-pandan. thanks all!

  5. rieza

    i want to know how many cups, coz im will used the fresh cassava and buko. , i will try to bake this for the birthday of my kids.. its a mouth watering desert..

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