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Laing Pasta, the Pinoy Pasta Version

Mar 29

I never tasted Laing Pasta until I had it at Goldilocks. I thought it was such a novel idea, similar to the pesto pasta that we often prepare at home. It is our own version of pinoy pasta. When I tasted it though, it wasn’t that delicious as I imagined it to be. I think the laing was too dry, lacked some meat and “keso”. I imagined eating laing with “kesong puti”. So here is what I prepared at home and made my own pasta laing a bit moist and added “kesong puti”

You will need:

1. Laing- To prepare laing, read my laing recipe and skip steps 4 and 5. Reduce the laing until you have the right consistency for the pasta. I am sure you have an idea on the consistency of your pasta mix.

2. Boiled Pasta noodles.

3. As a twist, use shredded “kesong puti” or cottage cheese instead of the usual cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese.

4. When serving the Laing pasta, serve the laing and pasta separately so one can choose to decide the amount of the laing or pasta.

Garnish with “kesong puti”.

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  1. reijene /


    now all i have to do is find laing ingredients here in SK. i’d like to try it in the near future (like my upcoming bday)

  2. puedi ako ginagawa koyan masarap at langka puedi ren mare ko

  3. i love the it works

  4. Haven’t heard about this Laing Pasta but I always love Pasta so I’m surely gonna try this one. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Looks delicious.

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