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Haleyang Bayabas

Nov 30

Ilustrado, a restaurant that showcases heritage Filipino-Spanish cuisine gave everyone a glimpse of our country’s culinary history when it demonstrated well loved dishes from our heroes’ hometowns at The Maya Kitchen recently.

Boni Pimentel, Ilustrado president and his chefs demonstrated many recipes last month including the Laguna inspired Jaleang Bayabas, very ripe guavas peeled and mashed in milk and sugar.

I am familiar with Haleyang Ube but not Haleyang Bayabas so this was such a refreshing dessert and yummy addition to any sandwich. Shoo over guava jam, this Haleyang Bayabas is the one.

jaleang guava1


1 kilo very ripe guavas, peel and blended

1 cup white sugar

1 cup goat or carabao’s milk

2 tbsp salted/unsalted butter (for flavor)


1. Cook the guava in milk for 5 minutes by stirring constantly and continuously.

2. Add in sugar until the juice from the guava and the milk thickens to desired texture.

3. Add butter for flavor then put in serving cup.

4. Refrigerate for thirty minutes to an hour before serving.

(good for 4- 6 persons)

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