Dessert: Sikreto ni Maria

Have you tasted “Sikreto ni Maria” at Abe’s restaurant or at Abe’s Farm in Pampanga?

sikreto ni maria1

Well the recipe of this heavenly dessert is not really a secret after my recent visit to Unilever Food Solutions event where they shared recent food trends. I will talk about the “Food Trends” in another post.

The ingredients for “Sikreto ni Maria” are pretty basic and easy to prepare.


sticky rice (suman)
ripe mangoes
semi-frozen macapuno ice cream
panocha (a chunk of muscovado)

sikreto ni maria ingredients

For one serving:

1. Unwrap the suman and place on a medium bowl.

suman in sikreto ni Maria

2. Add slices of mangoes

preparing sikreto ni maria

3. Add semi-frozen macapuno ice cream on top of the suman and mangoes.

add ice cream

4. Grate panocha over the ice cream

grate panocha

And voila , the “Sikreto ni Maria” dessert. It’s that simple.

sikreto ni maria

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