Pork Barbecue, Filipino Cooking Style

Jun 12

Pork barbecue is a fast selling food item. It’s easy to cook and convenient for the hungry customer. The only thing I dislike about grilling the pork barbecue is the smoke. In our old neighborhood, I told the maid to grill just outside the gate. Now some passerbys often think we are selling barbecue. Hehe, maybe I will sell them one of these days. Anyway, I prefer my barbecue to be a bit sweet. Here’s my recipe for Pork Barbecue Marinade:

2 kilo pork slices (liempo)
1 bottle 7-UP
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vinegar
2 Tablespoons minced garlic
2 Tablespoons hot sauce
2 Tablespoons worcestershire sauce
3 Tablespoons salt
Black Pepper

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (375 Posts)

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  • marione

    Hi i’d love to try your barbecue marinade recipe but i’d just like to clarify the size of the 7-up for the recipe :) thanks!

  • http://porkbbq rosalie adame

    Hi i’d love to try your barbecue marinade recipe but i just like to clarify the size of the 7-up.


  • alma

    hi! ur bbq recipe seems yummy. will dfinitely try it out one of this days. since summer is just around the corner, i’m also planning to set up a refreshment stand beside our sarisari store. i’ve always loved the samalamig concoction gelatin with milk but dunno how to make it. do u happen to have the recipe for it or a website w/c features samalamig recipes? thanks!

  • jerry miller

    my father in laws from cebu ( actually poro ) and he and my mother in law live next door and hes always making better bar b que pork than me ,he wont tell me his recipe for marinade ha ha , so maybe now ive found his secret thanks to you , even if not it sounds like a great recipe , i loved the bar b ques when we were visiting cebu there was a place just a few doors down from i think it was the magellon hotel that had the best chicken bar g que . i couldnt get enough , been married to a great filipina lady for 15 yrs now and love the food probaly why my waist line is now larger than my IQ , once again salamit , for this recipe

  • Fia

    That sounds great right now, haven’t had this in years. Maybe I can wow my uncle now that I can cook, (he is the official griller/bbq-er around here) Going to try this soon.

  • http://www.moushigo.com/ Ken


    Which of the ingredients do you think improves the smell of the barbecue’s smoke while it is being cooked? Hmmm, please help me out or email me. Thanks ^_^

  • noemi

    @ken- the garlic!

  • http://www.moushigo.com/ Ken

    Excellent! I was kinda having a hunch that it would be the garlic ^_^

  • jay

    does vinegear make pork chewy? Royal tru orange is a nice substitute for 7 up and vinegar.

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  • ogz

    hi, do I have to brush anything on the barbecue while grilling it?
    Is the 1 bottle of 7-up equivalent to 1 can of 7-up? :)

  • noemi

    use the excess marinade to brush the meat.

    1 bottle of 7 up approximately 1 glass or 1 bottle.

  • ahvic pabilani

    i used to sell barbeque before…my customers liked my barbeque,because it taste soo delicious.yummy…i only mixed it with brown sugar,pepper,lot’s of garlic & soy sauce…try it..

  • ahvic pabilani

    i also have a yummy pork barbeque recipe…..my customers said that it is soo delicious..

  • sheryl

    hi! Ano po ba ang pinakamagandang part sa meat ng baboy ang magandang i-barbeque? thanks!

  • ugly_giddy

    shoulder po. kasi malambot.

  • Cherrel

    Kawawa naman ang mga baboy, imagine kong kayo naman ang pag planohan ng baboy kong paano kayo adobohin!!!!

  • @cherrel

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAA ayos sa banat ah :D you just made my day! HAHAHHAA

  • rowena magdaluyo

    we always have bbq on ew year’s eve, will try this marinade for a change.. hope my kids will love it. by the way, i used the excess marinade in brushing the bbq while grilling, but i put some cornstach to it and cook in slow fire before applying to bbq… happy holidays to all..

  • Lian


    I’d love to try this recipe out, but I wasn’t sure about how much 7 UP to include. The recipe calls for 1 bottle, what is that equivalent to: 1 can/12 oz?

    Thank you.

  • Lian


    What is the equivalent size of a bottle of 7 UP? Is it a can/12 oz?

  • made by maid

    heck, if i had a maid to do my bbq’ing, it would taste a lot better!

  • Killun

    This was very salty

  • yam

    ..I love to try your recipe for my project in marketing subject,, but I don’t know how to feature your recipe..

  • damnshrimp

    ang kulang sa recipe ay anise.. yan ginagamit namin sa bbque business ng mama ko before

  • lai

    How much anise do you need to add to the ingredient.

  • babyizza

    wow great barbecue sa party,party w/ my fren..lovely..sarap …yan ang sabi nila ng natikman nila ang barbecue n gawa ko …hihihi d nila alam copy ko lng yun recipe….salamat po..

  • bongshick09

    yes ithink you need to brush some from the marenade so its stay juicy and yummy