Special Bibingka

I already wrote before on the history of Bibingka in my mom’s bake shop. Mom, my sister and I often helped with the experiments to come out with the best bibingka recipe. Here is Bibingka Especial, one of these Bibingka variations which originally came from “Recipes of the Philippines” by Enriqueta David-Perez, 1973 printed edition:Read More

Bibingka Recipe: Bibingka Royal

Mommy used the book, “Recipes of the Philippines,” compiled and edited by Enriqueta David-Perez as her guide for making her Bibingka recipes. Bibingka reminds me of those early bakeshop days in the early 1970’s when my sister and I had to help grind the rice into “galapong” and dump them into clean plastic pails, knowingRead More