Apple Pie (Apple Crisp)

Apple pie is one of the many deserts I prepare every Christmas Christmas. I’ve already shared an Apple Pie recipe with you where you make your own crust. There is another version of Apple pie called Apple Crisp which my children love because of the crisp texture of the oats. In 2008, my sister-in-law andRead More

Apple Cobblestone Pie

I know, I know. Another Apple Pie recipe after just baking Apple Crisp yesterday. Oh well, what can we do? We just have so many apples and my brother’s family just loves freshly baked home-made Apple Pie goodness. Before sharing the recipe, here is a tip for choosing baking apples. Apple varieties good for bakingRead More

Apple Pie

I also bake [tag]apple pie[/tag] every Christmas. The cinnamon smell reminds me so much of my childhood days when mom used to bake apple pie. There was one Christmas in the early seventies when Apple imports ceased. Mom innovated her apple pie by using sayote. No one knew it was a fake apple pie untilRead More