Pandan Iced Tea

pandan-iced-teaPandan is one of the most versatile leaf to use in the kitchen. I add it to rice and even as pandan flavor to chiffon cake. The fragrant aroma is so refreshing that you can even use it for pandan iced tea. Here is a refreshing drink you can use for your party.

8 cups water water
5 pieces pandan leaves
2 Tablespoon sugar
shaved or crushed ice
a drop of green liquid coloring (optional)


1. Boil water.

2. Add pandan leaves. Cook for 3-5 minutes

You will know it is done when the aromatic flavors start to fill the kitchen.

When boiling pandan leaves (the liquid is actually yellowish. Adding tinge of green color will give a greenish hue to the drink later on).

3. Add 2 Tablespoon sugar

4. Get a taste of the cool mixture through a spoon.

5. Adjust sweetness if needed.

6. Strain the liquid mixture. Add a drop of green liquid coloring (optional). Cool.

5. Serve on glass with crushed ice. Add washed leaf on the rim of the glass for a touch of color .

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