Easy and smart holiday cooking tips from Samsung digital appliances

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The Christmas breeze and holiday treats mark the beginning of the Yuletide season. Endless family gatherings enjoyed with bountiful and sumptuous meals are just around the corner. Samsung Digital Appliance shared some holiday cooking tips through Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo who are excited these days as they celebrate their second year as a family this Christmas. The two are self-confessed food lovers and so this season won’t be complete without them spending time with their children in the kitchen! Despite their busy schedules, the lovely couple stir love and excitement in the family by cooking for each other and for the kids. Ryan and Judy Ann shares some tips for easy and smart cooking in the kitchen:

1. Pour in the Flavor: Instead of using water for steaming, braising or making soup, consider using stock, broth or wine. For example, use vegetable stock when cooking rice instead of plain water.

2. Butter is Better: Salt is most of the time used for adding more flavor to your cooking, but nothing beats the creamy burst of flavor from added butter. Take the low-salt option for those who are health-concscious.

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