Kakanin, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, suman atbp


kakanin or rice cakesThis afternoon, I went to Makati Cinema Sqauare at Pasong Tamo Extension to buy some printer ink catridges when I bumped into this kakanin stall at the basement. The pretty display of our native rice delicacies (the kakanin) drew my attention. The vendor had practically everything from [tag]Kakanin[/tag], puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, kalamay bibingka, Puto ng Biñan, maja blanca, bico,and more. I chose the ube kalamay.

Kakanin as a type of food stems from multi-dimensional meanings– from the root word kanin (rice) as a noun or kanin (to eat) as a verb. With the prefix of “ka”, kakanin describes many kinds of rice recipes meant to be eaten as snacks or the many ways of cooking snacks or desserts to celebrate the harvest of the Philippine Islands. source


The kakanin is an affordable snack . For 10 pesos or a quarter of a dollar, the snack can easily fill your hunger pangs. View Photo gallery of sapin-sapin,puto, suman, bico, kutsinta


30 thoughts on “Kakanin, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, suman atbp”

  1. please send me the recipe of Kakanin like puto (rice), kutsinta, sapin-sapin, suman atbp… bihira lang kasi kami makatikim dito sa abroad nyan…

  2. My favorite kakanin of filipino is Maja blanca. could you please send me the receipe of it? Especially for oversea worker like me …I miss the filipino food.

  3. GREETINGS!!!!! I want to prepare maja blanca for our noche buena.can you send me a copy of recipe of maja blanca.

    thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!

  4. Hi, I’m planning on having a kiosk selling kakanin. Can you send me the reipes.=) It will be greatly appreciated..

  5. Hello asko ko po sana yung mga recipe ng mga kakanin. nagutom po kasi ako doon sa pix. sa itaas hmmm na kaka miss 2loy ang pinas. Salamat kabayan.

  6. hello po pwede po ba akong manghingi ng recipe ng mgakakanin na kakagutom po ang pix. sa itaas eh tnk u po

  7. ang sasarap naman nyan….. pwede po ba pasend sa akin ng recipe ng mga kakanin na yan….

  8. can i ask po .. anopo name nung instrument na ginagamit nung mga kutsinta vendors to make them notice ?

  9. hi.im new in food business.it started sa bibingka and puto bung bong business ko.i want to continue sana with making puto,putopao and majablanca sana.pls send me recipe para i can continue selling po dito sa lugar namin.:)

  10. please send me the recipe of Kakanin like puto (rice), kutsinta, sapin-sapin, suman, majablanca atbp… bihira lang kasi kami makatikim dito sa abroad nyan… thanks.

  11. gusto kung matutunan kasi behira sa amin ang gumawa nyan at minsan lng kami makatikim ng mga kakanin.

  12. hi po.please send me the recipes for kutchinta,kalamay,ube kalamay and sapin2x.thank u po.i sooo miz filipino rice desserts!

  13. Hi, kindly sent me the recipe of all kakanin… like maja, kutsinta, puto, puto pao, biko, cassava at iba pa…and if you recipe ng special siopao… thank you so much

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