18th birthday cake by Claycakes

claycakesClaycakes :Custom Cake art for funky couples and debutantes. I’m posting this old photo of Lauren’s [tag]18th birthday[/tag] cake. Claycakes was just featured today and I’m really happy that Karla Magbanua, is still creating beautiful pieces of Custom Cake art. The [tag]18th birthday cake[/tag] of my daughter was a castle theme since her debutante theme was Medieval Age. Karla Magbanua is really an artist/ sculptor who ventured to cake design.. She customized the cake by adding Lauren’s siamese kitty . Each cake she designs is a work of art. Just take a look.

Clay cakes


The very moist chocolate cake came with a rich chocolate sauce. So yummy.

and the debutante herself:

lauren and her cake
The Filipino culture usually celebrate the 18th birthday of their daughter. My daughter chose to have a non-traditional debut but it was nevertheless enjoyable .

View more photos of Lauren’s debut party and her 18th birthday cake.

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