White Adobo (Adobong Puti) : How to Cook Adobo without Using Soy Sauce

Feb 19

There are as many recipes for adobo as there are Philippine islands. My two favorite recipes are the white adobo and the adobo cooked in coconut milk.

Food memories at my dorm in UP consisted of adobo that mom cooked for us. See in the dorm, we were not allowed to cook our meals. Mom’s adobo did not contain any soy sauce and I often wondered how she cooked it. I never got to ask my mom because she died while I was a teenager who was not yet eager to cook. I saw a recipe once in a newspaper column and the writer called it the white adobo or Adobong Puti because it does not contain soy sauce. This type of adobo is light brown due to the browning during the cooking process. It is a bit sour too. I forgot to clip out the newspaper article where the recipe contained. Fortunately, Sam read a comment I left in MarketMan’s blog. Here, she shares her Adobong Puti recipe which I have innovated and cooked but forgot to take pics.

Try it and let me know…

2 kilos pork (with some fatty parts, like butt, or belly)
8- 10 cloves garlic
1 tsp coarsely cracked pepper
2 pcs bay leaves
1 1/2 cups sukang puti (coco when available)
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoon sea salt

1. Combine all ingredients in a thick saucepan or kawali.

2. Cover and simmer over medium heat. Check occasionally and stir to prevent the meat from sticking to
the bottom of the pan.

3. Allow liquid to reduce. Cook until fully reduced and only the oil is visible, with the sauce dried into tasty bits clinging to the meat.

4. Turn up the heat to crisp the meat and cook until crispy golden brown.

5. Adjust heat occasionally to prevent the meat from scorching.

6. Serve warm over rice with achara or radish and tomato relish.You may keep the adobo in a clean
lidded jar. Allow to cool and store in refrigerator or cool dark part of pantry.

When submerged in pork fat and properly cooked , it will keep for several months in the refrigerator. You may even freeze the adobo up to a year. Sam has done the freezing a bit successfully, dividing the dish into tiny portions. Just Thaw and heat over stove or oven, never in a microwave.

When I cook Adobong Puti next time, I will post the photos here.

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  • http://kuyaskitchen.blogspot.com James

    Sounds delicious. Think I’ll have to make it soon.

    Although, seriously … saving it for a year? Invite friends and eat it that night! :)

  • http://www.riajose.com Ria Jose

    I think I read somewhere that the original adobo recipes didn’t contain any soy sauce. Try adding some atsuete for flavor. Sarap din. :)

  • http://eatingclubvancouver.blogspot.com [eatingclub] vancouver || js

    White adobo. . .wow, seems on par with an albino crow for me. It’s intriguing for sure. Will definitely try this white adobo recipe soon.

  • Foodelity

    WOW. I’ll soon have to try this as I’m just living alone here. I usually buy those in fast food chain. All instant. Since, I have a food blog, I guess it’s time to start cooking my own way.

  • ~A.N.G.I.E~




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  • coi

    Another version of this adobo dish is adding just a tablespoon of soy sauce as to let it brown a little. Also, after cooking you can use the oil to make fried rice. It really tastes good. Sometimes my mom also uses chicken with the pork to make the chicken-pork adobo. It still tastes so good.

  • rachel

    have been looking for this recipe for ages. but i do remember that one of the other ingredients not mentioned here is dried bay leaf (one or 2 leaves).

    this is a dish that my mom used to prepare for school lunches and field trips..


  • rachel

    oops sorry!!! i messed up on reading and saw the bay leaf!! =)

  • odie

    adobong ilocano at home doesn’t contain soy sauce.

  • fidel

    masmasarap kapag nakablender ang union at hahaluan ng spicy at pamentang durog… try mo…

  • michaela r.molina

    i will try this recipe,adobong puti.sa name pa lang yummy na sya!luto ako nito maya.

  • http://yahoo.com johnny

    I love cooking! Yeh, I do agreed keep for several months in the refrigerator. freezing is best. this is what Im doing since dalawa na lang kami ng asawa ko sa bahay. No worry kung ano ang next ulam basta naka freeze lang lahat. Big savings sa time, fuel at pagod. When you want it, initin lang sa mahinang apoy o di kaya sa microwave oven.

  • liz

    it’s interesting to really check the history of adobo.

    the name came from Mexico but thr filipino adobo is so far f rom the Mexican version–as it’s known more as a ‘rub’ for grilling.

    Meanwhile, your recipe or your mother’s actually came from Indonesia. They marinate mainly for chicken( or pork) in that mixture then again.. they fry or grill it.

  • Caye patanao

    can i use calamansi juice instead of vinegar ??

  • totie j.

    we just had white adobo awhile ago & its super yummy…..thanks for sharing your recipe.

  • SHAI

    hmm… our instructor assign us to cook the specialty in region 4 and we choose this recipe… so we will try to cook this on saturday… :)

  • Adeler

    @Caye patanao, if you use calamansi… it will taste a bit different because the taste will resemble a steak!

  • Timmy G.V.

    Can I use pork tongue/ dila ng baboy instead of pork meat?

  • http://www.sweetkalamansi.blogspot.com Pamela Rain

    Variation is using patis instead of sea salt, good too!