How to make Spanish style sardines in olive oil


Spanish Style sardines are a favorite with my children. They eat it with garlic fried rice or mix it along with pasta noodles with capers. You can easily prepare spanish style sardines at home and even give it out as gifts during the Holiday season. Or even sell it.

Don’t scrimp on the oil. Olive oil is healthier than corn oil, the best oil you can ever use.

Per 8 oz glass jar

170 grams of dressed fish (you can use tamban, tunsoy or tawilis)
Salt solution (1 part salt to 4 parts water)
8 pieces, whole black peppercorn
2 pieces sweet pickles, sliced crosswise
2 sliced carrots, crosswise
1/2 cup olive oil
1 piece , laurel leaf
siling labuyo (optional if you want spicy flavor)


(modified cooking procedure for safety since not all may be familiar with bottling)

Sterilize glass jars first by following the “How to Sterilize Preserving Jars

1. Slice fish to fit the size of an 8 oz glass bottle.

2. Wash fish thoroughly to remove blood vessels and other foreign matter.

3. Soak fish in salt solution (1 part salt to 4 parts water) for 30 minutes to wash out the fishy odor, then drain.

4. Put the fish in a glass bottle, along with carrots, pickled cucumber, laurel leaf, peppercorn and siling labuyo. You can choose to remove the siling labuyo (chilie) if you don’t want spicy sardines.

5. Pour olive oil to cover all ingredients and place in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Cool before opening the pressure cooker. (Make sure When the pressure cooker starts making a sizzling noise to turn down the heat to low and cook for 20 minutes)

6. Steam for 20 minutes under high heat . Cool for one hour with the cover side down

7. Rinse off the oil that are clinging to the jars.

8. Let cool and dry in an inverted position to ensure that the caps are not leaking.

Label and store at room temperature. The longer you leave them out, the more they will cure and increase in flavor.

Recipe source and modified from Katrina Tan,

14 thoughts on “How to make Spanish style sardines in olive oil

  1. manoy

    How much water we put in the pressure cooker?

  2. saizy

    i cant understand about the salt solution.i mean the mesurement

  3. jun

    are we not going to put water in the pressure cooker?

  4. noemi

    yes one should always put water in the pressure cooker

  5. esmie

    How much water shld be placed in pressure cooker? Are we going to tight seal the bottle while undergoing pressure cooker process? And, isnt the glass going to burst or break due to the pressure inside the closed pressure cooker lid?

  6. Rita

    Can we use a canning jar? Can we just use the canning method instead of a pressure cooker?

  7. mike

    looks sure that the bottle bursts in the cooking process due to high difference in pressure. its interesting though if i’m wrong.

  8. Jo

    how many 8 oz bottles will this recipe use to pack 170 grams of dressed fish?

  9. sarah

    where buy bottles? what is the life span of the bottled sardines?

  10. sarah

    where to buy bottles? what is the life span of the bottled sardines?

  11. Shadrach

    Just a question regarding the instructions above. Why is there a need to bottle twice? In step 4 there is an instruction to put the fish in glass bottle as well as all other ingredients, then pressure cook. Then in step 6 it says fill the sterilized bottles with cooked sardines. The instructions are a bit confusing. I am assuming that step 4 in incorrect, and instead of bottling them, just put ingredients in a pressure cooker.

  12. itanong

    yes i think there is a typo some where

  13. Fatima

    Looks really yummy. But the procedure is off. It looks like number 6 is a separate procedure? Can someone please clarify? Thank you!

  14. Violeta P Tandoc

    I agree. Instruction no.4 does not say whether you seal the bottle with its cap. Is it possible to pressure- cook the sardines in bottles without breaking them?

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