Max Fried Chicken Style Recipe (updated)

Max Fried ChickenUpon seeing the spring chickens in the Salcedo Saturday Market, I suddenly recalled my Max-style Fried Chicken recipe which I have been wanting to cook again. The extra crispiness of the chicken skin is due to the boiling of the chicken and refrying it twice. I showed this recipe a couple of months back but have edited some steps to make it easier for you to cook. Here is a Max Fried Chicken Style recipe which I got from my sister over 20 years ago:


1. Rub whole small chicken (inside the skin also) with a mixture of:

  • 2 Tablespoons rock salt
  • 1 tsp pepper

2. Steam right away for 30 minutes (How to Steam)

3. Drain off all the liquid. Pat dry the Chicken with paper towel so frying it later won’t cause so much splatter.

4. Prepare a cover to protect yourself from sputters.

5. Make sure kawali (or deep frying pan) is extremely hot before you put in the oil. (a reader suggested peanut oil)

(tip: the oil should cover 1/2 of the chicken pieces)

6. Deep fat fry. Fry both sides till light brown.

7. Cool.

8. Re-fry for extra crispiness.

Pineapple Sauce recipe

1. Mix together

  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 1/4 cup banana ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 Cook over fire until it boils.

3. Heat sizzling platter. Arrange chicken pieces.

4. Pour Sauce.

It won’t taste exactly like Max Fried Chicken but it comes close and the best thing is it was cooked at home. There is nothing like home-cooked meals.

27 thoughts on “Max Fried Chicken Style Recipe (updated)

  1. [...] Max Fried Chicken Style Recipe » Pinoy Food Recipes :: Filipino Cooking [...]...
  2. [...] Max Fried Chicken Style Recipe » Pinoy Food Recipes :: Filipino Cooking [...]...
  3. Gay

    I love Max’s fried chicken, I’d like to try this one.

  4. u8mypinkcookies

    max’s chicken.. classic!! 😀 perfect w/ jufran catsup!

  5. Tony Aguado

    Does it really taste like Max’s chicken? Why not dry it after steaming, so you dont get so much splatter?

  6. noemi

    that’s why it says drain the liquid meaning dry it before frying.

  7. janea

    how do you steam a chicken???

  8. franz

    whatever floats you boat bro!

  9. yellahfellah

    Hi! I’m going to try this recipe, but have some questions…

    1. When you say “5. Make sure kawali (or deep frying pan) is extremely hot before you put in the oil… “, how high do I have to set my burner (low, medium, high)?

    2. Is it all right if I don’t chop up the chicken and just deep fry it whole using a big kawali and lots of oil (so that the whole chicken is submerged in the oil)?

    3. After the 1st deep fry, how long do I cool the chicken? I assume that I will have to take it out of the kawali. Naturally, some of the oil will seep out of the chicken. Do I pat it dry again?

    4. For the 2nd fry, do I use the same temperature setting for the burner (low, medium, high) or do I turn it to a lower temperature? Or maybe it does not matter and I should let the chicken skin’s color be my gauge?

    Hope you can answer my questions…

  10. yellahfellah

    Additional question…

    What would happen if I use a turbo-broiler instead of deep frying it? Would it taste differently? Kasi yung crispy pata, halos the same din naman ang lasa whether i-deepfry mo o i-turbo.

  11. Lorna Dietz

    OK, Noems, you’ve convinced me that I must make this for my friends — and my husband who is such a competitive cook.

  12. aie


    ang sarap nmana ng chicken

    gsto ko tuloy mag order ng chicken


  13. aie

    wow itong blog na to sau? i think i have read your other blog ung about your son waaaaaaaaaa ang dami mo blog 🙂

  14. ogz5

    wow ingredients so simple and steps so easy! thanks for the recipe, im gonna try this now, wish me luck 🙂

  15. Yeesha

    thanks. i’ve tried this one, reduced the salt but added Maggi Magic Sarap instead.
    It was perfect!

  16. andrea

    ive tried recipe and made a few adjustments…
    1. instead of rubbing just salt and pepper i also added leeks, sometimes lemongrass(tanglad) too. i would rub salt and pepper first before the greens to make sure it sticks to the chicken well..

    2. i rubbed salt, pepper, chopped leeks and lemongrass on the chicken and in the cavity. drop remaining greens in the water. it adds flavor.

    3. i use 2tsps of salt for rubbing before steaming and another teaspoon i rub before frying (pls correct me if i’m wrong but i think the salt has alot to do with the crispiness much to the flavor).

    4. after steaming chicken for 30-40mins, let it cool, dry and wipe off leeks. then fry until golden brown 10-15 mins.

    5. i didnt had the chance to refry not only is it time consuming since you have to wait for the chicken to cool down but also that my family would be sitting on the dining table as soon as they smell the chicken while frying.

    it is true that its not exactly the same as max’s but it is really close enough. and to have cooked something at home almost as good as this is really fulfilling.

    one thing i love about this recipe is that i get to use the water used for steaming to make another comforting dish… wanton soup 🙂


  17. ogz5

    in a double boiler or a steamer, put water but make sure water level does not touch the rack even when it boils, lay the steamer rack and cover. Wait for water to boil, when it boils remove cover and place the chicken on the rack, cover and steam until desired minutes is achieved.

  18. ogz5

    tried it and loved it 😛

  19. athen_elle

    Actually my style for Max’s fried chicken is as simple as marinating it for salt and pepper for l5 mins. (Optional with msg glutamate) and have it deep fried. No need to steam. Well i guess steam wud be an optional, k! Tnx take care and GOD BLESS

    Note: Alam ba ninyo na ang mustard and osyters sauce are a good combination for fired chicken…. jst marinate dis two ingredients for l5 mins and deep fried. Nobody can’t resist dis recipe for sure. It’s l00% best fried chicken ever. Try it now!

  20. Giga

    I followed all the steps except for 1 thing: I used peanut oil. Came out perfect!
    The reason for this, is on all the recipes for southern fried chicken, they all recommended peanut oil.
    Try it!

  21. Giga

    Jufran sauce used to be called Mafran a while back.
    Does anybody know when and why they changed the name?

  22. franz

    only way to get as close to max’s as you can is to cook the chicken in pork fat. not oil.
    .-= franz´s last blog ..A Unique but Useful Pollination Tool =-.

  23. mayee

    franz, I agree..

  24. Chef D

    I dont think this is even close to Max’s chicken. Theirs clearly has a texture that only comes from buttermilk.

  25. nor

    try boiling the chicken instead of steaming it’s really sarap to the bones & the soup can be base for gravy. i’ve tried this using the basic condiments & other herbs that can complements the chicken (i tried putting tanglad inside & freezing for a day before deep frying & it works).

  26. kid_rock!!!

    well i did it before and the chicken was dry inside like what max’s chicken is..i wanted my chicken like to be crispy outside and juciy inside..frying it twice makes the meat dry isnt it??

  27. BRY

    where we buy peanut oil

    paano gumawa ng pork fat as oil?

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