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  1. ivan
    March 11, 2009


    can i substitute glutinous rice flour instead of toasting and grinding the rice? same quantity?

    clarify ko lang…the bagoong alamang to be used, this is raw right?



    • noemi
      March 12, 2009

      yes I think you can substitute glutinous rice. Toast it a bit.

      The bagoong alamang is raw but you can use the bagoong guisado.


  2. joy deguzman
    July 19, 2010

    my hubby passed. and i miss his cooking so much. my fav was just a simple dish it had chicken and peanut butter and garlic, not sure of the rest, but it did not have too many ingredients. over rice. can some one help me out. i am caucasion. and barley now how to cook. ty peace


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