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To my valuable readers and subscribers of Pinoy Food Blog (now reaching over 3,300 subscribers), I am honored to talk about you on Qtube. This blog is not just a recipes blog. How many of you have emailed me asking for that recipe that brought memories of home. You asked a lumpia shangai recipe to show off to your American boyfriend so he could appreciate Filipino food. To that father who just got reunited with his kids, you wanted to cook humba for them. To that special person who made money out of my lasgana recipe, I am proud that you found ways to augment your income. is not just a haven for recipes. Cooking may just mean as the act of preparing food in a raw phase and use heat in order for humans to digest it easily. It is more than that. Many people now are cooking for pleasure. They consider this act as a hobby. At the end of a tiring day, you find relaxation in cooking. You feel relieved when cooking because it serves as your form of expression and stress release. You love to cook for others like family and friends. It is about feeling good about yourself that you can cook even simple dishes, that you can make a living from selling dishes. Cooking raises your self-esteem. It is about living a dream too. Simple dreams like easy cooking, owning a small business or feeding your loved ones with pride.

I trained my cook who worked with me for over 10 years to cook special dishes for my family. Today, she owns a restaurant business, a hole in the wall type and makes around 80,000 pesos a month. Not bad huh? She has built two homes in her hometown.

So yeah, watch out for this thursday, April 2 at Qtube shown in the QTV Channel at 10:15 PM. This is a relatively new show and my blog is the 4th episode for bloggers digest. Qtube aims to be the ultimate on-air guide to what’s hip and hot online.

The cooking portion was shot on February 9, almost two months ago and I was told that this would be the pilot episode. Apparently, Qtube wanted to interview the family members so they rescheduled another taping on March 20, hence I wear two sets of clothes. Marielle begged off from the interview but watch out for Lauren and my husband as they talk about me. Haha.

The recipe I featured is Spaghetti Carbonara, so simple that a beginner can cook it without problems.

Here is the Carbonara recipe in instant.

Thank you once again to all you wonderful readers!

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