How To Decorate A Halloween Cake

Trick or Treat? Halloween is a much celebrated day in our family since my husband brought the tradition to our kids. Over the years, I have learned to be creative with party decors and festive Halloween dishes. I prepare a simple party menu that are in various hue and colors of orange such as spaghetti, or fried chicken. Usually a Halloween cake adorns our table. Here are examples of Halloween cakes.

halloween cakes
These beautifully crafted Halloween themed cakes are from the bakery of Baguio Country Club.

What they did is add ghostly chocolate goodies on their usual cakes to make it have that spooky Halloween themed look.
halloween cakes

You don’t need to buy Halloween Cakes from Baguio Country Club or any expensive cake shop. Be creative. So if you are thinking of having a Halloween cake tonight, just add some of those Halloween themed candies to your cake.


Take for instance those creepy caramel filled “eye”. Add it to your iced cake that you baked or you bought.
halloween cakes

And Voila! Halloween Cake.
halloween cake

So will it be a trick or treat from me?


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