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Quick & easy recipe: Creamy Carbonara in an Instant

The Real Carbonara Spaghetti is not really creamy. The noodles are coated in eggs and cheese. There is another way to cook Spaghetti Carbonara using processed foods at the grocery. This is really handy when you suddenly have guests that arrive or you are a beginner in cooking. The canned goods comprise of canned mushroom soup, cream, ham, bacon and fetuccine noodles. You are also assured that the taste will come out a best seller. Try this next time when you have surprise guests. Here is the creamy carbonara recipe:


2 cans Creamed of Mushroom Soup (preferably Campbell)
250 ml All Purpose Cream (Nestle)
200 grams sweet ham, in small squares
200 grams bacon, shredded
Spinach Fettucine (400 grams noodles are green and I like the contrast of the white creamy carbonara sauce against the green noodles)
1 head garlic
a dash of nutmeg
a dash of pepper
Olive Oil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese for topping

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Spaghetti Carbonara

I normally cook Creamy Carbonara but here is a recipe for those that can’t stand creamy pasta sauce. Here is the traditional Spaghetti Carbonara recipe which tastes just as heavenly as creamy carbonara.


500 grams spaghetti
6 quarts salted boiling water
1 tablespoons vegetable oil


1. Add spaghetti noodles to salted boiling water, bring water back to a boil.
2. Cook spaghetti until Al Dent (barely tender) about 6-8 minutes (Tasting is the only way to test doneness. Never overcook pasta)
3. Add oil during the last 2 minutes. To keep spaghetti from sticking together wen it is drained.
4. Drain but leave hot, ready to use.

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