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For the Holiday season, I’ve gathered liniks to Noche Buena and Holiday Cooking ideas.

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  • Noche Buena Recipes
    1. Pochero
      Chinese Ham
      Chicken Relleno
      Max Fried Style Chicken Recipe
      Pork Barbecue
      Bam-i, Cebuano Pansit

      Western Cuisine

      Cheese Fondue
      Chicken Cannelloni

  • Christmas Recipes
  • Baking

      Fruitcake Recipe
      The Gingerbread Man Cookies
      Christmas Sugar Cookies
      Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Blueberry Cheesecake
      Apple Pie
      Food for the Gods

      Filipino Desserts

      Buko Fruit Salad
      Leche Flan
      Buko Pandan

    Other Recipes

    Korean Beef Stew

    Coming Soon:

    Kakanin Recipes…

    Since it is Christmas season, here is a playlist of Pinoy Christmas Songs

    Filipino (Pinoy) Christmas Songs

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      I am so happy your employer liked your cooking. You are the ones making them happy not me. keep cooking!

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      i was looking for a simple leche flan recipe and i found lots. but what made your recipe extra special is that it’s tried and tested and you made changes in it for the better.

      Thank you. Keep on blogging and cooking…

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      good evening. may i ask some help for a basic crepe recipe and a recipe for the fillings. i opened a creperia but seems to be not satisfying my customers because filling is too sweet and crepe is rubbery as my friend mentioned. pls pls help urgently needed

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