Beef Pochero aka Cocido

noche buena

I have been preparing Pochero every Christmas day for the past 10 years. On Christmas eve, I serve Majestic Ham for Noche Buena. I rub the ham with brown sugar and cloves and bake it in the oven. After it has been baked, I decorate it with pineapple and cherries. What do we do with leftover ham from Christmas dinner? The solution….Pochero or cocido. I prefer to call it Pochero as it is a very common dish in my hometown Cebu.

majestic ham

Pochero (Spanish spelling , Puchero) with its bounty of meats, sausages and vegetables is known as the “real national dish of Spain. Brought to the shores through the Spanish conquistadores, it is a favorite dish at Filipino festive occasions. With extra ham from the noche buena, the pochero is one way of recycling left-over meats. This recipe is richly flavored by the ham bones and scrap ham simmered with the beef. The flavor of the ham bones, and the Chorizo de Bilbao seeps in to the beef cubes making it so tasty.

Pochero cooked December 25, 2014
Pochero cooked December 25, 2014

Of course, you can modify this recipe to your desired taste.


1 kilo cubed beef brisket
1/2 kilo leftover ham bones
1/4 kilo scrap ham
8 to 10 cups water or enough to cover meat
4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut in half
4 Saba bananas, peeled, sliced in half
3 pieces chorizo de bilbao sliced diagonally into 2 inch pieces (Preferably the one in the Purefoods can)
1 cup chick peas
1 head of cabbage quartered
1 Baguio pechay leaves separated


1. Put beef, ham bones, and scrap ham in large casserole.
2. Pour enough water to cover.
3. Bring to a boil, then simmer until beef is almost tender, about 40 minutes
4. Add potatoes and bananas. Simmer until bananas and potatoes are almost tender, about 20 minutes
5. Stir in chorizo de bilbao and chick peas and continue simmering for another 10 minutes. ( I prefer the chorizo bilbao in Purefood cans because there is no red coloring that seeps out during the cooking)
6. Add cabbage and pechay and let simmer until vegetables are cooked but still firm

pochero for Christmas day

6 thoughts on “Beef Pochero aka Cocido

  1. lloyd

    nice work guys,,,,continue the good works

  2. perry

    patis (fish sauce) + fresh coarsely ground pepper to taste! 😉

  3. lowellpendon

    This is one of my favorite. I always look at it as if I’m always hungry I could eat a horse, lol. Thanks for sharing this. I will try to cook this myself one day.
    .-= lowellpendon´s last blog ..Nikon 85mm f/3.5G AF-S DX ED VR Micro Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras =-.

  4. Melissa

    Hi Noemi,
    I just want to say a quick thanks for sharing this recipe! I cooked it this past weekend and it was such a success! Thanks to you 🙂
    I live in the US and of course I miss Majestic Ham but since we did not have any I used the next best thing HoneyBaked Ham! A relative gifted us with a quarter ham last Christmas and I have been looking for a recipe to use the hambone. I came across your blog through google.
    It was easy to make and the flavors were great. It was even better the next day!

    I’m looking forward to trying more of your recommendations.

    Thanks again and more power to you and to all your blogs!

  5. Marie

    Whenever I see this food , It always remind me of my father because He used to cook this before, the pochero looks tempting, thanks for sharing

  6. tjack

    cooked pochero before, outcome was good but i’m not 100% satisfied. after reading this recipe, i got a bit confused. are we suppose to put tomato sauce on pocheros? & 1 more thing, do i have to use just salt & pepper according to my liking? or patis? please help me out as i really want to cook the perfect pochero for my wife & kid. thanks very much..

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